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Security is an important issue when it comes to doors and windows. Every opening in the external envelope is a crucial location. Take note of these 5 security measures that has implemented to increase the security of your front door and, consequently, the security of your house. A manufacturer of doors and windows with a focus on custom, high-end front doors is stark door, located in all over india.


5. Aluminum Extruded Mullions and Astragals (Operating Posts)

Mullions and astragals, those vertical structural components, either permanent or adjustable, separating doors or windows, are frequently manufactured of PVC in the traditional door and window market. highest level of quality and security, stark builds theirs from extruded aluminium. More particularly, their high-performance astragals enable double doors to open completely and without obstruction. They are strong, simple to operate, and made of a single lever at shoulder level that simultaneously activates two anchor points at the top and bottom of the door

 4. Aluminum Extrusion Covered Frame (Optional)

House door security is a top concern for stark door. For this reason, stark gives you the choice of coating the frame of your front door with extruded aluminium. Compared to the aluminium that has traditionally been sold on the market, which is frequently a 26-gauge folded aluminium or PVC, extruded aluminium is far stronger and more resilient. The secret to success is using top-notch materials for maximum security.

3. More robust 22-Gauge Steel

2. Door handles with many points (Optional)

Adding a multi-point handleset system to outdoor doors is a common tip for improving security. The two additional anchor points at the top and bottom effectively serve as two additional deadlocks in these 3-point locking systems, which are professionally fitted at the factory and provide increased protection against breaking and entering. Multi-point handles not only serve to increase door airtightness but also help to increase stability and prevent warping. Choose a 3-point locking system for security, peace of mind, and restful sleep.

Security bars, first

Finally, all stark doors come with a 12-inch 22-gauge steel security bar that is concealed in the frame at handle level to assist deter break-ins. Since stark incorporates this security element into all of their front door systems, it doesn't really matter if we're talking about fibreglass, steel, or wood door security.


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