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Product Code:STEEL DOOR SRK 21


Standard Sizes (Height X Width in mm)

2050 x 860 , 2050 x 880 , 2050 x 960 ,

2050 x 980 , 2050 x 1050 , 2050 x 1080

1950 x 880 , 1950 X 980 , 1950 x 1080

Steel doors are durable and can be used for a long period. Steel doors perform well in terms of energy efficiency, allowing you to get the most out of the energy you have within your home or space. Steel doors insulate at a rate of around 5 times that of wood doors. Each steel door is insulated with high-quality foam that is applied in a precise process to achieve the best possible results.

Apart from the foam, the high-grade thermal adhesives utilised in the door's joints and connections are the second essential component for maintaining energy efficiency. It turns a steel door's highly conductive metal into a powerhouse for energy conservation and savings.


  • Steel doors are long-lasting.

  • Steel door are securable

  • Steel doors are more energy efficient than other types of doors.

  • Steel door are Easy to maintain

  • Steel Doors Are Low-Cost


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