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stunning wood finished steel doors


With the strength and durability of a steel door but the beauty of wood, we just sourced a new type of wood finish steel door that provides us a stunning new finish for our popular doors. When you need the added strength of steel yet the traditional appearance of a wooden door, or to blend in with the current surroundings, they will look wonderful in offices, commercial settings, or residential settings.


In essence, why? Steel can endure the daily barrage of abuse that children unleash on doors because it is sturdy as, well, steel. Steel door used to be criticised for looking too industrial. In order to make their products more appealing, producers now provide unique finishes, stile and rail designs, embossments, and even exquisite woodgrain stains.


Are they still in style or do they have the makings of a classic design element? steel door are common and may be seen in both business and residential settings. These steel door, which we may say are a continuation of the industrial trend that may already be over, suit in any Mediterranean interior quite well. They can be utilised for outside facades, patios, and sun porches in addition to interiors.

Although steel door are best known for their single-glazed interior doors, they are now  offered with insulated glazing panels, which are made of two pieces of glass that are separated by a sealed area and provide insulation. Steel door frames also have a lot of benefits since, unlike wood, they do not expand and contract in reaction to changes in weather. Steel door is also quite robust. Steel door corners and joints are all welded, galvanised, and powder coated to create an uninterrupted covering that surrounds the frame.

We  enjoy them because they are a perfect option for those who wish to use a space for a variety of purposes without sacrificing natural light, not simply because they provide a touch of nostalgia and edge. Privacy is also possible with steel and glass walls without sacrificing a feeling of space. While a closed wall would prevent it, a glass wall makes a space feel more open. Even though they typically have a relatively simplistic appearance, a decent design is essential to its success. A good design is just as crucial as outstanding execution, whether you want something very straightforward or a unique, creative solution. We can assist with both!


wood finish steel door

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