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The modern  steel door and steel window is built not just for strength and beauty, but also for energy efficiency. Steel door and steel window profiles have been given the luxury of thin siteline designs because to their superior strength, which means there is more glass available for the architectural design of the structure. Steel windows provide an exceptionally energy efficient answer for today's energy requirements due to the increased amount of glass accessible in the window system combined with today's high performance glass options. 

Steel door and windows have traditionally been chosen by owners and architects for their projects because of their elegant qualities achieved via strength, unique design theme choices provided by versatility, and life cycle endurance provided by durability.

Stainless steel doors are available in a variety of forms and provide a number of aesthetic and practical benefits. They provide aesthetically pleasing entrances, long-term security, fire, blast, bullet, and sound resistance, cleaning ease, and corrosion resistance. Stainless steel door can be used to frame a glass door, clad a wood or metal door, be the complete framework of a whole or solid door, or be the entire construction of an overhead door. Stainless steel doors come in a range of finishes, including typical polished finishes, textures, ornate raised designs, and colours.

The best door design is determined by the application, the service environment, and the needs of the customer. Office building and retail entrances, beautiful interiors, medical facilities, jails and detention facilities, factories, storage facilities, swimming pools, private residences, public housing, tunnels, and transit facilities are some of the most popular applications for stainless steel doors. Type 316 stainless steel doors were chosen for these southern Florida homes (see photos) because they are stylish, corrosion resistant, and give a high level of security in this highly corrosive coastal climate.

When used in corrosive environments such as entrances, indoor swimming pools, and tunnels, doors are required to remain functional, secure, and appealing with minimal upkeep. Around 1930, the first stainless steel doors were erected on the Chrysler Building and other high-profile structures, and they are still in use today. These early doors demonstrate that if a suitable grade and surface finish are chosen, as well as correct design, fabrication, and maintenance, stainless steel door may be anticipated to stay elegant and useful for over a century.

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