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wood finish steel door,everything you need to know


steel doors have a number of advantages over their wooden counterparts. Termites, moisture, and maintenance have no effect on these doors, which are strengthened by steel's innate strength and safety. They are suitable for a variety of applications, including entrances, interiors, bedrooms, kitchens, balconies, restrooms, and garages. They are factory finished with a modern appearance, lively colours, embossed or woodgrain finish to meet the aesthetic needs of today's house. These doors are suitable for everyday household use because they are simple to install and use and require no construction.

steel doors and windows are environmentally friendly, meaning they won't rot and are resistant to termites and other insects. As a result, steel doors and windows come in a variety of colours and finishes to complement various interiors, and we even offer our steel door,metal doors and windows in a wood finish.

Stark  steel  Doors is one of the few manufacturers that can produce standard goods and can provide numerous types and styles of steel doors and windows with frames for internal and exterior use. Their ability to design and manufacture custom steel doors and windows with frames. The architects have complete creative freedom with Ultimate Safety Metal Doors.


Steel is one of the strongest materials available, therefore it's no surprise that steel doors are the most durable because they never break, warp, or decay. But what are the other benefits of using steel for your door and frame materials?


Steel is more durable than other materials, lasting longer and requiring fewer repairs. In terms of security, fire ratings, sound reduction, vandal resistance, and other challenging conditions, it exceeds wood, aluminium, and fibreglass. 


A reduced total cost of ownership is associated with strength and durability.Hollow metal doors can endure up to 30 years if properly installed and maintained. Steel doors can be repaired in the field for a low cost, however softer, less durable wood and aluminium doors will need to be replaced.


Forget about the comfort of wood. Steel doors today come in an unlimited array of gorgeous design alternatives. Steel's adaptability lets your project stand out as it stands up to time and the environment, whether you want a current stainless steel appearance, brilliant hues, or even a faux finish.


Steel doors and frames are better for the environment than wood doors and frames.It can be recycled into new steel items indefinitely. To achieve the optimum combination of durability and refinement, choose an interior wood finish, an exterior wood finish, or the Absolute wood finish (inside and out). To preserve the original beauty of our wood finish door systems, a factory applied stain or clear varnish is used. 

The wood finish on steel doors creates incredibly stunning entry door systems by exactly replicating the appearance of a real wood door while maintaining all of the benefits of steel doors' strength,For those seeking the ideal combination of durability and finesse.

On a steel door, the following wood finishes can be used:

On the inside of the door

On the surface of the building

both parties (interior and exterior)


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