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How Are Steel Doors Installed?

The procedure of attaching a steel door to its location in a building is known as steel door installation. For this process to be accurate and error-free, there are a number of key factors. The precise measurement must first be taken from the location where the door will be installed in order to ensure proper installation.



Assuming that the specifications are accurate and the steel door is made appropriately using these dimensions, we will discuss assembly. It is available on our website explaining how to take the proper measurement.


The frame construction affects how a steel door is installed. Considering assembly in accordance with frame structure


Installation of Adjustable Frame Steel Doors

Fixed Frame Steel Door Installation Profile (Blind) Frame Assembly There are four main categories that describe steel door installation. Now let's look at these titles.

Installing Adjustable Frame

The inner case and outer case make up the majority of changeable cases. The screws connecting these two components must first be taken out and separated. The outer casing is then taken to the outside while the inner casing is brought to the interior of the wall.


If polyurethane foam is to be used for assembly, it must be pressed onto the inner and outer casings' wall-facing portions before being affixed to the wall from both the inside and the outside and bonded together. Following assembly, the scale is evaluated, and if there are no issues, the cases are fastened to one another using the screwing points.

It is examined again by measuring with a scale after repairing. The wing wick is attached and the other accessories are put in position if there is no balance issue.


The wing is then replaced and examined once more to see whether there is still an issue. The door sill marble is next affixed, and the procedure is finished.


When assembling with concrete, the case is first fixed from the inside and outside. The prepared concrete is then poured between the casing and the wall through tiny gaps that are then closed on the wall to match the higher corners of the casing.

Frame Construction Using Six Wick Screws (Concealed Adjustment)

This sort of casing can be installed in the same way as adjustable casing. The case's mounting screws are hidden, which is the only difference. Screwing under the case wick secures the cases to one another.

When the wing wick is joined after assembly, a cleaner view is produced in this fashion. Using a scale to measure during assembly ensures that the door is put together correctly.

Fixture Installation

The inner and outer cases are joined together as a single unit in the fixed case type. In this kind of frame, the outside sills will either be shorter than the inner sills or the inner sills will be shorter. Thus, the case is seated from the outside or the inside and mounted directly to the location to be attached.

Concrete or foam can be utilised for assembly, just like other frame materials. On the right and left sides of this case type are screwing locations for mounting.

From this point, the frame is secured to the wall using screws, after which the screw holes are sealed by covering them. The lowest portion of the fixed case style typically consists of metal rather than marble.

Scale measurements are taken during assembly to prevent mistakes. After assembly, the wick and additional components are reattached to finish the assembly.


Installing a profile (blind) frame

The profile frame type lacks moulding. The door will be linked to the frame, which is installed directly into the wall cavity. When a sill cannot be built on the side walls of the door, this form of frame is typically selected. For assembly, no concrete nor foam are used.

As in the fixed case, there are screwing and fixing points for mounting all around the case. The case is mounted and attached to the wall using these components. Once more, finishing touches like wicks, accessories, and other complimentary parts are added to the assembly.

Visit our website to learn about factors to take into account while making and installing steel door.


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