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stainless steel safety doors in india


Stainless steel is undoubtedly one of the most popular materials used by cutting-edge architects and designers to create something distinctive and appealing. Stainless steel windows and doors exude a subtle, minimalist elegance that elevates the most basic design to the pinnacle of luxury.

The stainless steel frames increase the brightness of the interiors, while the tiny sightlines on the exterior appear to float the glass, highlighting the openness of a facade and offering the architect the most creative flexibility to follow our clients' ideas.

Stainless steel, also called "Inox Steel" (from the French "inoxydable"), is a steel alloy that is noted for its exceptional durability, corrosion resistance, and low maintenance.


For your high-end estate, your store, or the company's headquarters, we create stainless steel doors, windows, frames,  for industrial, commercial, and residential buildings. 

Our stainless steel windows and doors come in a variety of finishes.

Explore our portfolio and learn about our stainless steel operas; together, we can create your unique solution, bringing creativity, research, and architecture a whole new meaning.


The perfect integration of aesthetic and practical excellence, the ability to achieve your personal design with a custom door while also boosting security, thermal, and acoustic performance are all part of our vision for outside steel doors.

Custom doors are unique architectural components that can improve the curb appeal of your property by adding character and value.

Steel doors are great for meeting architectural requirements when other items are constrained; experience the ability to create your own unique door.

Exterior doors are one of the most significant aspects that define the prestige of a residential or commercial space, which is why we take an individual and handcrafted approach to create the perfect bespoke doors that are created to measure and one of a kind.

Craftsmanship and materials are often used to define luxury. Explore our elegant premium steel door collection, fall in love with various handmade masterpieces, and find the freedom and power to create, elevating your everyday.



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