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So why people are waiting for? choose steel door to protect your house with extra security


Design and technology have advanced significantly in recent years, and you can now buy a steel door that resembles its more traditional rivals in terms of aesthetic appeal and "homeyness." View this photo of our home line from our showroom. Do you notice that they are composed of such robust materials?



Typically, steel front doors have a steel frame and are made by sandwiching two double-skinned steel leaves with a mineral wool, polyurethane, or polystyrene foam core. The door is secure and won't distort over time thanks to the steel frame and double-skinned leafs, while the core's additional insulation offers another degree of defence. The door will last for many, many years without rusting or weakening if it is made of galvanised steel and powder coated.


A door constructed of galvanised steel will last for a very long time, need little upkeep, provide good security, and offer incredible value for your money because of how long they last.

It's important to note that entirely solid steel door are uncommon because they would be too heavy and unable to sustain the hinges.


advantages of steel door


obtainable in a variety of weights and thicknesses. Generally speaking, stronger steel is employed when it is thicker and heavier.


In most cases, the door frames that go with them are composed of steel as well. As is frequently the case with uPVC or hardwood door frames, this reduces the possibility of splintering or shattering the frame to gain entrance.

Steel door' cores can be insulated with materials like mineral wool or foam. This greatly thickens the door's insulation, enhancing both sound and energy insulation. Some of our steel door can even have a 38dB rating.

Galvanized steel, which is steel that has been submerged in molten zinc, offers a weatherproof, anti-rust coating, resulting in a product that requires no upkeep.

The door shouldn't ever need to be repainted if it has a good powder coated finish. Wooden doors, on the other hand, frequently need to have their paint touched up every few years.

Steel door do not deform or react to dampness or extremely hot temperatures like uPVC or wooden doors do.

Unwanted noise is well-blocked by steel door. The amount of decibels that a door can block is used to determine its acoustic value. Look for this information in the product specification provided by the manufacturer.

Steel door are built with a higher level of fire resistance. However, if a fire-certified door is used, they can also offer a time-limited warranty against fire spread.

important things to keep in mind with steel door

Strong, sturdy frames and hinges are needed to handle the weight of heavy steel doors. Make sure to get sturdy, galvanised steel hinges and frames (although ideally, they should come with the door).

The door opening must be precisely measured before you purchase a steel door because they cannot be cut to fit.

Our selection of front steel door at stark  Steel Door come with a frame and heavy-duty hinges, thick steel leafs, mineral wool insulation, and a variety of add-ons that can be chosen for additional security, such as enhanced cylinder locking systems.



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