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One of the most popular types of doors used in commercial and industrial settings are metal doors. A steel frame with steel panels bonded to both sides makes up a hollow metal doors. Usually, the door has pockets for a mortise lock and mounts for hinges.


Better hollow metal doors may also have an electrical pocket at the top of the door for mounting a magnet for a door position switch and a steel tube running from the centre hinge to the mortise pocket for wiring an electrified mortise lock.

Doors made of metal doors are strong and resilient. These hinges might have three to five mounting places for hinges, depending on the height of the door. To achieve a desired aesthetic result, hollow metal doors may also be equipped with a plastic laminate, wood veneer, or stainless-steel finish.


A hollow metal door is frequently included with hollow metal doors to create a fire-rated assembly. There are fire ratings of 60, 90, and 120 minutes.

Magnetic locks, electrified mortise locks, and electrified panic hardware are examples of common electrified locks for metal doors. Both surface-mounted and concealed magnetic locks as well as exposed or disguised vertical rods can be used with electrified panic hardware. Any sort of electrical panic hardware is permitted (with mortise lock, rim type, or with vertical rods).


Utilizing automatic door operators is fairly simple with hollow metal doors. Although pivots are occasionally used, five or seven knuckle hinges are the most typical hinges for hollow core doors. For any application involving a security door, more hinges are preferable to fewer.


metal door

The workhorse of security are doors made of hollow metal (Fig. 7.1). An interior metal door and metal skin are included in the standard metal door. The frame typically has cutouts for hinges and a lock. The electrified panic hardware, magnetic locks, and mortise locks are the three most popular styles of access controlled locks for hollow metal doors. The producer of hollow metal doors fits them for the type of lock they are going to have. Doors that will use mortise locks already have a mortise pocket installed; however, a door that will use electrified panic hardware may use either surface-mounted or buried vertical rods.

Metal door for home-advantages

With the aid of iron lugs or hold fasts in the walls, a door is a solid barrier that is placed in a doorway or aperture of a wall.


Door is made up of two sections. The door's frame is one portion, while the door's shutter is another. According on the type of material, door frames are categorised as follows.


door frame made of wood.


metal door frame.


Iron or metal door frames are further divided into pressed steel door frames, standard section window frames, angle iron frames, and T-iron frames, among other subcategories.


Using iron lugs or hold fasts in the walls, a door is a solid barrier that is secured in a door opening or other wall opening.


There are two pieces to a door. The door's shutter and frame each make up one portion of the door. Following is a list of door frame categories according to material.


timber door frame


doorsill made of aluminium.


Iron or metal door frames are under the same general category as pressed steel door frames, standard section window frames, angle iron frames, and T-iron frames, among others.


Advantages: Hollow metal doors are strong—some more so than others—and come in a range of security (penetration test) grades, including variants that can withstand blasts and bullets. They also have excellent fire resistance and come in up to 2-hour UL-listed fire ratings (including the frame).

Strong and resistant to earthquakes are metal doors

Metal doors offer protection from thieves.

Fireproof metal doors are available.

Metal doors are inexpensive.

Because metal doors are lightweight, they are simple to fix.

They are simple to handle and less expensive to transport.

They don't experience any insect or termite problems.

Metal doors don't have rotting issues.

Metal doors have little tendency to tilt or twist.

Metal doors may be easily and with little waste designed in any shape.

Metal doors require less room to install in frames, leaving greater opening space for the shutter in the doors.

Metal doors have no weather-related characteristics like moisture absorption.

Metal doors are durable.


Metal door Their value upon resale is higher.

We protect the environment by employing metal doors rather than wooden ones, which would have been used to make frames.


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