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Every year, more building owners opt to install and use steel doors rather than typical wooden doors, but why?

Steel doors are frequently used in both industrial and commercial settings. They are also frequently found in homes, workplaces, and even retail establishments. But why are more businesses (as well as homes) now choosing steel doors?

It's simple: Metal doors are superior to wooden doors (in a lot of ways).

Even some of these benefits might surprise you:

Steel Doors Offer Long-Term Effects

Whether you're considering steel for the door as a whole or just the frame, it offers the finest long-term value for doors.

Wooden doors might offer possibilities for a lovely, personalised, realistic appearance. However, those with intricate design or high-quality wood soon become expensive, frequently costing more than an equal steel door.


Metal Door Manufacturer thinks they can save money by purchasing wooden doors, but in reality, they are giving up cost-effectiveness. The wood may peel, swell, warp, bend, or bump as a result of quickly absorbing moisture. These damaged gateways might be expensive to replace or repair.

Metal doors are essential to consider when looking for long-term value. With proper maintenance, galvanised steel doors can last for more than 30 years. Prices are frequently less than repair costs for comparable wooden doors if maintenance or restoration is necessary.


They provide more safety and security.


Although it should be mentioned that not all metal doors have a fire-resistant rating, in the majority of cases, steel doors are created with fire-resistance rating in mind.

Steel doors that are fire-resistant typically have a 20-minute fire rating. They can withstand harmful heat levels for up to 20 minutes in a fire situation, giving the occupants of the building plenty of time to escape.

Every steel door is built by the metal door maker with a fire-rating sticker that indicates how long it will withstand a potential fire.


For commercial facilities that transact with a sizable volume of goods or money, safety is crucial.

Steel doors prevent unauthorised and unwanted entry into the building's interior since they are far more difficult to use or break down than wooden ones.

Wooden doors are not typically resistant to chemicals or bullets, while galvanised steel doors are.

They are Designed to Last Longer Than Their Wooden Alternatives

Wooden doors require constant upkeep. Metal doors require little to no maintenance when neglected since they are resistant to:

• Rust (if sufficiently primed and painted)

• Bowed

The best exterior-facing doors for heavy traffic and bolding the components are made of galvanised steel.

The cost of maintaining the proper temperature in your building can actually be decreased by the insulating qualities of the steel doors. Regardless, wooden doors aren't nearly as energy-efficient.

Even though steel doors can get scraped or dented rather easily, they are simple to fix and don't require time-consuming relief as frequently as fibreglass or wood alternatives.

Other Elements to Consider

What else should you keep in mind while thinking about steel doors?

• They are influenced by temperature. Due to its conductivity, steel doors can feel either chilly or hot to the touch.

• They provide better noise suppression. • Metal doors are simple to clean and can help to lessen noise pollution from leaks in various rooms. Steel is useful in places like hospitals where sanitation is important.


Steel doors have many outstanding qualities that are practical in increased precipitation and fluctuating temperatures. In fact, they are environmentally friendly because they are completely recyclable. The popularity of steel doors is unsurprising given their many benefits, including affordability, mental ease, and longevity.

Stark doors is a top manufacturer of metal doors in India, and our many years of expertise have helped us build a loyal customer. Request a free consultation today to learn more about metal fire doors!


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