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stainless steel safety doors

steel doors are built to the highest standards and have a multi-point locking system. Single doors are offered in two styles: normal and heavy duty. The key difference between the two is the thickness of steel utilised on the door blade and steel frame (technical specifications are accessible on each product page).stainless steel safety doors are also available in a double locking variant, which is built to the heavy duty specification.

A multi-point locking system is included with steel doors.

For added security, this locks into the top of the frame and all around the sides of the frame, with two anti-jemmy studs on the hinge side of the door. 

stainless steel safety doors are designed, manufactured, and installed in such a way that they provide the highest level of security for your commercial or residential property. This provides a level of security that is difficult to get with other types of steel doors, and it should be a top priority for most business owners searching for a high-quality steel door at a reasonable price.

Doors made of steel

Steel doors offer the highest levels of security and are utilised in a wide range of structures. Our steel doors are suitable for a variety of applications, including industrial units, airports, cash rooms, and server rooms.

Steel doors are a safer and more efficient alternative to the more common materials used for home doors. Steel doors aren't cheap because they're made of a premium material, but the benefits might make them well worth the money.

Efficiency in terms of heat

The ability of doors, particularly those that go outside, to keep heat from escaping the property is an often ignored feature. The more heat that escapes your home, whether through doors, windows, or walls, the harder your central heating system will have to work. This means your central heating will have to run for longer to attain the desired temperature, which will raise your energy expenses.

Steel door is a highly effective insulator as a metal. It's said to be five times more effective than pure wood. Steel doors are frequently installed with foam in the centre to improve their insulating capabilities. This will help you save money on your energy expenses.

Steel, like other metals, is a very sturdy substance that can endure any type of weather.

There is relatively little upkeep required.

You can pretty much forget about steel doors once they've been installed. To keep them clean, all they'll need is a wipe down now and then.

Steel doors vs. aluminium doors

Metal doors are more popular than ever. When it comes to selecting a metal, aluminium and steel door are the most popular.

There isn't much of a pricing difference between aluminium and steel. The key distinction is their adaptability. Steel has some limitations in terms of the shapes and sizes of doors it can accommodate. 

Steel, on the other hand, has the upper hand in terms of strength. While both steel and aluminium provide for extremely secure doors, steel door is slightly better.

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