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The material you choose for your front door must be strong enough to keep attackers out while also being able to withstand wind, rain, and sunlight. Homeowners also desire an appealing entry door that blends in with the home's faCade. Steel and wood are common materials for front doors since they are both robust and long-lasting. However, each has advantages that may make one material better for your home than the other.

Cost-effectiveness and efficiency

Steel doors are less expensive than wood doors, while certain low-cost wood doors are equivalent. However, they are of poorer quality and may not survive as long as higher-end doors built with better materials. Steel doors are often more energy-efficient than wood doors, according to Consumer Reports, since they have higher insulating qualities, which means they're better at keeping conditioned air inside your home and outdoor air outside.


However, the effectiveness of any door is determined by a number of other elements. Look for a door with a tight-fitting frame and energy-efficient cores, regardless of the material.

Maintenance and Care

Steel doors are normally coated with a baked-on polyester finish or vinyl coating at the factory, which eliminates the need for additional finishing during installation. A steel door, on the other hand, will need to be repainted on a regular basis to keep it from rusting due to moisture. To protect the wood from the elements, wood doors should be refinished every one to two years and coated completely, including the sides, top, and bottom edges.


Steel doors, on the other hand, may appear excessively frigid for some homes, but they can provide some architectural flexibility. Steel doors with a wood-grain pattern imprinted on the surface and a panelled design that mimics wood door designs are available. They can be painted in whatever colour you want.

Security and Durability

Steel doors outlast most wood doors in terms of durability and stability. Steel is more durable than wood and will not warp or split when subjected to high forces. The inner core of the door may be constructed of wood, although steel doors with a steel core are also available. Because wood can fracture if enough power is applied to it, it may not be as effective as steel at keeping intruders away.


The most critical security feature for an front door, regardless of the material, is a good door lock. The majority of burglars get access through a gap in the doorjamb around the striking plate of your lock. Use a robust striking plate connected with screws regardless of the door material.

Choosing the finest material for your front door is generally the first step if it's time to replace or install new exterior doors for your property. You don't want a door that's difficult to open or close, is prone to denting or scratching, or lets cold, hot, or moist air in.

Steel doors insulate better than wooden doors. It's even better if they're Energy-Star certified because they might have double and triple-paned glass, energy-efficient cores, and tight-fitting frames. Wood may appeal to certain homeowners, but it is not the greatest type of exterior door for everyone.


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