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here are some tips and tricks to secure your house from teen pranksters and burglars.


 A security system keeps your house and family safe all year round, especially during the holidays when kids roam the streets and houses are vacant.

If you already have a security system in place, make sure that you arm your security system or remain extra alert if you’ll be handing out candy.


                                                                       FRONT DOOR


Front door must be securely fastened because they serve as both occupants' and criminals' main points of entrance. The first step is to choose a suitable material for your door; while wood has historically been the material of choice, steel door are more affordable, secure, and energy-efficient options. Think about getting front doors that swing outward rather than inward to assist deflect any kind of forceful entry.

Possibly the most crucial line of defence for your home is your front entrance. Your home, workplace, or warehouse will be more secure if you invest in front door security.


Our thorough guide will give you practical advice on how to keep the property secure, whether you're looking to safeguard your house or a commercial building.


Purchase  stainless steel safety doors


Traditional entrance door in turquoise with patterned glass

Historically, only business or industrial properties had steel front door. However, you can now buy domestic steel front door as well, which look nice and provide considerably stronger security, thanks to increased security concerns and technological breakthroughs.


There are many advantages to choosing a steel front door over one made of uPVC, composite material, or wood.

Steel door are made to be sturdy. Steel is more harder to force open without the right tools since it is more solid and sturdy than wood or uPVC.

Typically, steel door frames and hardware are more durable. Steel door require stronger hinges, locking mechanisms, and frames since they are naturally heavier than wood or uPVC. Once more, this makes it more difficult to remove a steel door from its hinges by force or by snapping.

Doors made of steel do not deform or crack. Wooden and uPVC doors will gradually lose their structural integrity as they age since they are significantly more susceptible to weather changes and time deterioration. A wooden or uPVC door that begins to lose its shape might develop gaps all around it, making it difficult to close and creating leverage points that are simple to approach. In contrast, steel doors and their frames can endure significantly higher temperatures and are unaffected by moisture, especially if treated (galvanised) to prevent corrosion.

There are sturdy, secure, multi-point locking systems for steel door. A multi-point locking system often provides a higher level of protection by locking the door into the frame at numerous locations with a single turn of the key.

We advise making sure the high security steel door you buy complies with the following prerequisites:


The steel door features a sturdy core made of reinforced cardboard, wood, or resin. The internal and outer metal leafs are strengthened and more difficult to kick in since the core is positioned between them and is joined to both. Hollow-core doors are susceptible to brute-force attacks because the first leaf, which is fragile and can be crushed or dented, leaves the second leaf exposed.

The door is galvanised to better withstand the weather and ensure a long, trouble-free life.

The door has many locking mechanisms for further security.

If there is enough room, you can think about placing the door such that it opens inwards to make it even more safe. A door that opens outward lessens the chance of being kicked or pounded in because you wouldn't have to push up against the door jambs.

Due to the frequent disregard for their protection, back doors are a popular target. All of the prior advice still holds true if your home has a back door. You should make the same security investments you have made for your front door.


If your back door is a sliding patio door, it becomes challenging. In this situation, you need still make sure that the glass is double glazed and laminated and that the euro locks have anti-snap, anti-drill, and anti-pick characteristics. Additionally, you can think about adding "push" locks to the top and bottom of the door so that you can add an additional locking point to it when it is closed. You can insert a metal rod into the door's track if this isn't feasible.



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