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Steel doors and windows are a unique way to get a stunning, personalised aesthetic while also ensuring long-term durability, making your house or workplace an even greater investment.

Adding high-quality steel doors and windows from our team to your building envelope has a number of benefits, including:

Durability: One of the most important characteristics of a steel door is its strength, and our thermally-bonded zinc galvanising technique will withstand even the most extreme conditions. Our steel doors meet or surpass industry norms and regulations, as well as being the most durable in terms of environment and longevity. Steel doors and windows have been known to withstand three generations with only the glass needing to be replaced.

our Windows And Steel Doors takes pride in producing clean, sleek, narrow sightlines, which have become the industry standard. We can also personalise your door for a fantastic curb appeal. Steel door solutions from our steel door complement modern, contemporary, and classic styles while delivering space-saving openings and practical functionality, such as, sliding, double, and bi-fold doors.

.Superior Efficiency: In all climates, energy efficiency is critical, and the real thermal break of our Artisan Thermal Series helps to reduce excessive utility expenses. All of our product lines provide the highest level of safety and endurance while also adding style to any construction.

Limited Sightlines: No other feature of steel windows and doors is more commonly identified with it than its narrow sightlines. Architects have used this feature in a variety of buildings for hundreds of years, and the gracefulness of steel windows has been adapted into a variety of architectural styles. Ironically, the material's enormous strength is what gives steel windows and doors its minimalist appearance. Steel's aesthetic qualities are unrivalled by aluminium, wood, or vinyl substitutes. Steel windows and steel doors have a distinct, one-of-a-kind appearance.

Steel windows and steel doors are far more durable than any other material. They are three times stronger than metal in direct comparison. This advantage allows for the employment of large glass lights, which are frequently used in dramatic openings, while keeping narrow sightlines. Steel window and steel door hardware will not come loose, and ventilators will not distort or break with age.

Steel windows can add to the overall structural stability of a structure depending on the design.


Historic Replacement: Steel windows and steel doors offer design flexibility as well as great durability and life cycle, making them an excellent choice for renovation projects. Original steel windows can be replaced with units that are historically accurate while also providing state-of-the-art finishing pretreatment and factory-applied coatings, enhanced weatherstripping, updated muntin designs, and high-performance glass glazing. Steel windows are frequently used to replace wood windows in order to improve sightlines or give additional durability. In reality, steel windows and steel doors may often be engineered to mimic the look and feel of wood while also adding structural integrity.

Factory Finishes: Modern technology, such as metal pretreatment techniques and topcoats, allows manufacturers to create nearly maintenance-free windows and doors. Galvanizing, electro-coat (e-coat) priming, powder coatings, urethane enamels, and other factory-applied corrosion-inhibiting finishes are available from Institute members. Factory finishes are not only long-lasting, but also attractive.

Fire Rating: Fire-rated steel window and steel door manufacturers include independent laboratory fire labels with their goods. The use of fire-rated windows is not limited to fixed lines. They can be made in a number of functional designs. (Specifications are available from individual manufacturers.)

Classic Hardware: The composition of the window material has no bearing on the hardware selections. Steel windows can be customised with any design and kind of hardware. Manufacturers have a seemingly limitless selection of handles, operators, and closing devices at their disposal. Furthermore, exact hardware replacements for windows that are more than half a century old are frequently available. The hardware affixed to steel windows and steel door does not pull out or loosen with heavy use, which is very necessary.

Steel windows and steel door  can be constructed to fulfil the most rigorous building requirements for blast and impact resistance. The strength and durability of hot rolled steel pieces make them an excellent choice for this unique building project. 

sSteel windows and steel doors have an unequalled life cycle because they are intrinsically more durable than practically any other construction material. Steel windows and steel doors have a low total cost of ownership, which is an advantage.

Steel doors & Steel windows have been chosen for usage in a variety of contemporary settings, as well as in more traditional constructions and gothic motifs. Steel windows can be utilised on both the outside and inside of a structure. Several Steel Window Institute members also make doors out of the same steel doors &window parts. Municipal structures, museums, churches, private houses, commercial buildings, schools and universities, transportation terminals, manufacturing facilities, hospitals, and retail outlets have all used steel windows and steel doors.

Energy And Solar Heat Gain: Thermal Performance:

The necessity of energy saving in the fenestration sector has been acknowledged by today's steel door and window manufacturer, and they have handled these concerns within their industry accordingly. Today's hot-rolled steel door& windows are engineered for not only strength and beauty, but also energy efficiency. Steel door &window profiles have been given the luxury of narrow sightline designs because to their superior strength, which means there is more glass available for the architectural design of the structure. Steel door & windows provide an exceptionally energy-efficient answer for today's energy requirements due to the increased amount of glass accessible in the window system combined with today's high-performing glass options. Steel's low thermal conductivity, weatherstripping, and double insulating

Steel, weatherstripping, double insulating glass with energy-efficient coatings, and gas-filled spaces will provide excellent U-value results for the heating parts of the country and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient values for the cooling parts of the country and everywhere in between thanks to their naturally low thermal transmission. Steel door &window producers can adapt and use triple glazed glass units and thermally fractured frames to stay code compliant when future building code standards demand tighter energy requirements. Steel doors &Steel windows have traditionally been chosen by owners and architects for their projects because of their elegant qualities achieved via strength, unique design theme choices provided by versatility, and life cycle endurance provided by durability. Today's owner and architect can keep all of the above while still getting the energy-saving solutions they require.


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