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making the right decisions while installing front doors


A new front door is a long-term investment. Making a wise choice requires familiarising yourself with both the fundamental traits of high-quality doors and the drawbacks of inferior front doors. Price, material or material combinations, workmanship, technical details, functions, simplicity of maintenance, and aesthetics are a few factors to take into account when selecting a door. We've put together a thorough reference to the most crucial front door features to help you choose a door that will last you decades in order to assist you in making the right choice.


A front door is a crucial component of your house since it defines your private space from the outside, ensures privacy inside, and protects you from the elements, including cold, heat, and unauthorised guests. The separation between "home" and "the outside," as well as between "us" and "them," is represented by a front door. No one may enter your entry without your consent. That is why throughout human history, front door have played a significant (symbolic) function. A doorway has also traditionally been a significant component of one's identity because it symbolises the person who lives inside.


The choice of your front door will be influenced by factors other than its primary purpose as the partition between your home and the outside world. Continue reading to learn how to choose the ideal front door for your home if you want to be intrigued, amazed, and inspired by your front door, which also provides dependable protection and freedom.

The best materials for front door



Because of its utility, durability, and simplicity of maintenance, the material you choose for your front door is crucial, in addition to its aesthetic value.

Each material has a unique set of structural characteristics, such as natural transmittance, structural rigidity, etc., that determine how suited it is for front door.steel door are the highest-quality, most environmentally friendly, and most lasting materials utilised in the manufacture of front door, and they are also the most well-liked by homeowners (and their combinations).


metal doors for home




A low-maintenance material that is guaranteed to maintain its original form and appearance for decades, aluminium is one of the world's most durable building materials thanks to its great structural capacity and deformation resistance. Aluminum is a material that is incredibly strong and resistant to weather and temperature changes, making it ideal for almost every home.

Aluminum's structural qualities allow for the creation of front door with a variety of dimensions, including some that are above standard, and an endless array of surface treatment options for unmatched beauty. A variety of colours, from smooth, matte hues to metallic and structural tones, are available for steel doors. steel is the epithet for modern, stylish, and alluring. It looks great in a contemporary home. However, steel door can also be modified to look more traditional due to its adaptability.


A front door made of aluminium will last a very long time and continue to inspire.

Wood finish steel door


Despite the popularity of aluminium, steel is still the most preferred material. Steel door has been the most popular material for front door for generations, and this tendency is unlikely to change any time soon. Steel door  is the ideal material for both traditional and contemporary homes and exudes a sense of safety, warmth, and connection to nature.


many front door for various house styles

Your custom-made front door will flawlessly blend into your home, lifting it to the next level because it will be tailored to fit your property and your personality, regardless of whether it was constructed in accordance with modern architectural trends or instead boasts a lovely classic style. You can select from a variety of door kinds to match your home's architectural style, such as double-leaf front door,mother son doors,steel single doors. Front door can typically be beautifully conventional or brashly modern.


custom-made front doors

Choose a custom-made front door if you want your door to blend in with the structure and complement your home down to the last detail while including all of the functionalities your family may require. In this manner, a door customised for your home will be installed. You won't need to make any concessions, and the door will truly be inspirational. It will flawlessly match your home and serve its primary objective of providing inspiration and delight by carrying out its duty day and night.

Your front door will kindly say goodbye to you in the morning as you leave and will be waiting for you when you get home in the afternoon. With each use, it will motivate you and give you the assurance that you are making the ideal decision for your house, providing the highest level of protection, individualised functionality, and unwavering quality.


front door transom and sidelight

Glass is a crucial component for buildings with limited natural light in the entranceway as well as for already bright buildings where additional natural light is desired. Owners of homes and buildings with front door that open directly into the living space are particularly fond of these options. Sidelights are available in a number of sizes and can be mounted on either one or both sides of the door. They may even exceed the size of the door itself! Natural light energises us and offers us a sense of openness and freedom. Why not let it in through the front entrance of your house?

double-leaf front door


As long as there is enough space, double-leaf and huge entrance doors can be used in both traditional and modern residences. Double-leaf and huge doors have a unique impact in that they enlarge areas while also letting in more natural light, which makes rooms appear more open. The entranceway will become more organic and natural as a result.

It is true that these doors may result in greater energy losses, particularly in cases of shoddy construction and poor choice. The highest currently on the market are what set stark door large dimension doors apart.

front door with two leaves

Large and double-leaf doors will unquestionably leave a positive impression on both your visitors and on bystanders. At stark door  we started mass producing huge dimension doors before anyone else in the world.

doors with one or more levels

The first decision you must make is whether you want a door that is entirely level (Pure Collection), giving the appearance of a wall, and that will, in its purest form, blend elegantly into your home, or whether you want to choose the dynamics, play of shapes, and 3D effect that a multi-level door offers (Multilevel Collection). Both scenarios are intriguing and amazing in their own right. The first option is best for people who adore simplicity, smooth lines, and elegant simplicity, while the second is best for homeowners who are more daring and want their entry to be distinctive and impressive.

Have one of these descriptions made you feel like you? You need to make a number of crucial judgments regarding the specifics of the front door.

Pull handles that are breath-taking.

Even though handles are frequently disregarded, they are an essential component of every front door. Customers frequently take their time choosing the ideal door, paying attention to every detail from the material to the surface polish, before choosing a straightforward handle with little thinking. The design of your door will be complemented by a pull handle, which offers countless design options, including Shape, substance, dimension, colour, etc. The focal point of your entrance door may be the pull handles. Why pass up the chance to imbue your door with a feeling of sophistication, vitality, or technical calmness?

Pull handles come in a variety of sizes and shapes; they can be big and span from the top to the bottom of a door. Pull handles can also be mounted horizontally as an alternative. A front door pull handle can either stand out prominently or be tastefully incorporated into the door design. Pull handles exist in every shape imaginable, including round, oval, rectangular, and semi-circular. There are no obstacles.

handles made of shiny metal

Naturally, handles are typically constructed of metal. Aside from the elegance it lends to a front door, metal is very resistant to scuffs and wear and is also simple to maintain. Metal handles can be crafted to your specifications and embellished with components made of a variety of materials, including wood, glass, and even lights. One of the most elegant elements to appear in recent years is lighting decor. The handle can have a soft backlight or you can choose to have wonderful ornamental lighting built right into the handle, which makes it appear really stunning.

glass handles made of glowing crystal

You may also add crystal glass accents to metal pull handles to give your door personality and an attractive radiance. Visitors will be astounded by the exquisite, handcrafted glass patterns in your home, which will make entering a wonderful adventure. To obtain CristalLux pull handles, ask.

automated controls

There is no need for a protruding handle to detract from the exquisite appearance if you like smooth lines and desire a single-level door. The OneTouch automatic pull-out/pull-in handle was created by stark door, the first manufacturer in the world, and it merges in with the front door. To everyone but the proprietors, it is utterly undetectable from a distance and difficult to operate. This is as a result of the door's fingerprint activation. The handle automatically expands when the owner places a finger on the hidden fingerprint reader; after entering the house, it retracts back into the door. One of the safest locking systems is fingerprint locking, which prevents handle manipulation through clever design. contemporary, understated, and elegant.

Unavoidable lighting

The illumination of the entire front door or a specific area is a crucial component that not only enhances visual appeal but also increases security. With entrance lights, finding the lock or fingerprint reader will be simpler, your home's security will be improved, and it will be more comfortable to enter and exit at night and in the morning. Select elegant handle illumination, doorstep illumination, spotlighting, or targeted lighting elements for the entire entrance.

choosing the right colour for the front door

The style of your property and the colour of the facade paint are the main factors to consider when choosing a front door colour. Single-shade and plain façade tones allow for more brilliant, multi-colored doors, patterns, etc. while vivid and colourful facades typically demand doors of simpler colours or combinations in one or two colours.

Instead than choosing a colour based on current trends, consider your personal colour preferences and the overall design of your home. Because a particular strong colour was in style at the time, you might now regret your decision. The style you select will be durable for many years.

Therefore, if you aren't naturally bold, choose traditional hues like black, white, steel blue, grey, brown, or any shade of natural wood that you like.

accessories for the front entrance that are modern

Your front door should include cutting-edge accessories in addition to flawless construction and beauty. With today's technology, your front door can become a personalised smart entrance that is tailored to your specific needs.

The field of locking mechanisms and locks underwent the most technological advancement in front door. Security code-based, smart card- or chip-based, biometric fingerprint-based, and even facial recognition-based smart locking systems are becoming more and more popular.

Stark door is without a doubt the top front door producer in the field of smart technology. Specifications to take into account while choosing a front door

You must have previously thought about the features you want in your front door by this point and envisioned your choice. Know the technical details that determine your choice and distinguish superior doors from mediocre doors before you make your final choice.

door security

The primary purpose of a front door is to offer complete protection against the effects of the environment and unwanted visitors. The most important feature of every front door is security. Because of this, it's crucial that the locking mechanism and the hinges also offer burglary protection. Profile thickness and composition are significant factors in this regard. Combining double overlapping profiles with carbon fibres creates a front door with unmatched rigidity that gives you peace of mind about its burglary resistance.

The locking mechanism is another crucial security factor. The access medium of an electronic locking system can easily be reprogrammed in the event that it is lost, making lock replacement mandatory.

The highest level of protection now offered on the market is provided by fingerprint or facial recognition locking systems, which entirely prevent any chance of lock manipulation.

a necessity for thermal insulation

A high-quality front door should provide burglary security as well as protection from the cold and heat. With enough thermal insulation, it will be simple to provide for thermal comfort and minimise thermal losses, which will also lead to a cheaper heating bill.

insulating front door from noise

Acoustic insulation is another factor to take into account when it comes to living comfort. Your house is your safe haven and refuge from the outside world. The purpose of a front door is to shield you from outside noise and activity. A high-quality front door offers unmatched comfort while reducing outside noise.

Installing your front door: getting ready

The usefulness and lifespan of a front door are greatly influenced by the quality of the installation. Letting specialists handle the installation will ensure the optimum acoustic and thermal insulation, prevent sagging and snagging, and maintain your front door original state for decades while you continue to use it.

Only doors that have been put properly will operate faultlessly.

There are six processes involved in installing a front door properly:

Before installing the entrance door, the rough opening must be prepared and measured.

jamb insertion into imperfect opening

Embrace the jamb

the jamb into the rough opening.

Insulate the door's frame.

Finishing (trim installation, painting)

Regular maintenance is also necessary to guarantee the effective operation of properly fitted front door and maximise their lifespan.

keeping up a front door

An front door needs to be taken care of and maintained because it is susceptible to a variety of external influences, such as changes in weather and temperature, industrial gases, dusts, filth, and dirt. The front door material determines the level of care and upkeep needed.

A wood door needs a lot of attention and upkeep. A canopy is the best kind of protection from the sun and moisture, and it should occasionally have a new coat of paint or lacquer applied. For years after installation, regular care (using specialised wood cleaners or a solution made from a small amount of washing up liquid and water) will help you keep your door looking good and clean.


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