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Steel doors are increasingly being used today, and they offer great features that will benefit your home.Due to their versatility and several advantages for the homeowner, steel door have become more and more popular among homeowners.The installation of a steel door improves house security. Steel door are challenging for burglars to breach.Now that steel front doors offer so many more possibilities, more and more homeowners are thinking about replacing their existing doors. A steel front door will provide you with the highest level of security and an attractive door.Are you remodelling your home or place of business?  unsure on which doors to choose? You can choose replace to steel door with wood finish.  steel doors give long-term security to your house in addition to their wide variety of styles.

Having stainless steel safety doors with the design, finish, and frame of your choice increases the building's efficiency. Depending on the climate, different areas require different types of stainless steel. Demanding sites use hollow doors with inside frame, while corrosive regions use stainless steel for the complete door lock mechanism.

So, how to select the best steel door in kerala?

  • Buying advice for steel doors.
  • Supplier warranty
  • after-sales Customer support
  • Consistency
  • Implementation. The majority of buyers prefer steel exterior doors.

There are numerous dealers nearby who can provide steel doors. yet it's important  that buying steel doors from the best steel door suppliers,if you want durable and highly secure steel doors.

Many of the characteristics make stark steel doors the top option for anyone looking to choose a door for their house. Give your homes and places of business the safety and appeal they deserve. Get the best stainless steel door!

steel door styles

three major type  classifications are offered by steel door


                                     Steel single door


Steel Single doors are available in a basic or embossed wood finish. These can be utilised for the bedroom, living room, and main entrance's internal &external doors.                             


                              Check out all of our stunning  steel single doors 


                     mother son steeldoor


Premium materials are used to create this high-quality mother son steel door with a beautiful appearance. These steel doors with a wood finish can be used inside or outside. The steel door is made of galvalume sheet.


                                                    Check out all of our mother son steel doors

double leaf steel door

Double doors are sometimes known as double leaf doors. Whereas a leaf is a single door, a double leaf door consists of two doors that meet in the middle and both open. These have a regal appearance and, like regular doors, can be either conventional or modern.

For energy efficiency, excellent security, and highest quality doors, steel doors are simply the greatest front doors. These can be used for the front door, the door to the bedroom, and the main entry. Steel doors with a wood finish and distinctive embossed motifs have a regal appearance.



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Best Steel Door In Kerala Award

We are honoured to share with you this recognition from the Business Kerala Award. obtaining the Business Kerala Award for the Best Steel Door in Kerala in 2022. It will be a highly regarded honour in the steel door manufacturing sector.



Our mission is to provide maximum satisfaction to the customers by providing quality and timely service and  to become a leading door manufacturing business group  with high degree of social responsibility.

Our vision is to Transform Stark into World Class Steel Door Manufacturer, Delighted customers and Delighted Employees.

We never compromise the quality of materials of our doors. It ensure durability and attractiveness to the house.



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