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Indian Stainless Steel Safety Doors


Simpler versions of affordable housing include Innovative Building Materials. Stark Door's stainless steel safety doors provide significant relief when installing outside doors for homes (front door/main door) on the row of exploring Fly ash Bricks, M Sand, etc.

You must have a stainless steel safety doors.


in order to protect your possessions at home

to safeguard your family

If you want an environmentally friendly door (alternate to wooden door)

If the price of installing a wooden door worries you

When a customer purchases stainless steel safety doors, they receive these advantages.


resistance to termites

theft deterrence

Resistance to Fire

Earthquake resistance Weather Resistance Lighter Weight

increased resale value


These doors include a doorbell, peephole, decorative frame, rubber seal, and a handler-operated multi-lock system. The word "security" has a lot of power when spoken, just as the security of these doors is checked using various lab verification procedures. Even consumers have provided favourable remarks.



Steel door can be utilised on the inside and outside of buildings. They are less vulnerable to external weather and moisture since they have a high abrasion resistance. In order to reduce weight and give a durable structure, steel door in residential buildings feature a steel casing on top of a polyurethane substance. They come in a variety of finishes and designs, but they are typically not aesthetically pleasing. They are less expensive than wood.



smaller weight

simple to maintain

Durability and sturdiness


Value at sale

resistant to rust and deterioration


The following benefits exist if you choose to purchase a steel door from starkdoors:


Beautiful: We provide stronger steel door that have the elegance of a wooden door and can go in nicely with your bedroom and kitchen.

Since polyurethane is used to make the door's core, which has excellent insulation properties, you may regulate the temperature of your home no matter the outside temperature.

corrosion protection. We only offer stainless steel doors, which do not react to moisture, in contrast to other types of steel door. You might particularly notice this at the door's base, which corrodes after being subjected to floor wash caused by water entering the area between the floor and the door. Stark Doors offers stainless steel doors that are quite resistant to corrosion.

Our steel door are available in a range of sizes to meet your fitting requirements. Look at the steel door's dimensions that we provide below:


It makes sense why wooden doors are so popular right now among homeowners. Home builders advise you to choose wooden doors even if installing and maintaining steel door is easy and hassle-free because it is what they are accustomed to, and in the Indian market the cost breakdown is never-ending from delivery, GST, a separate lock system, labour, etc.

In other words, you wind up spending more money and compromising these vital door components.




Compared to wooden doors, steel door are more durable and resistant to the elements. Steel door are unaffected by weather or cracking, in contrast to wooden doors, which can warp, bend, and crack due to weather conditions (not to mention termite damage and peeling). You don't have to worry about moisture corroding the surface of the doors because the galvanised steel door have an additional coating of zinc oxide. We also send kinds that can withstand fire for up to 10 hours.




There are doors in every building, and if a door isn't safe, what good is it?

For worried homeowners, installing a steel door is the best way to guarantee the safety of the building. the same Our steel door are centred on security. You can sleep soundly knowing that we have your back with our 12-lock system, which we ship straight to you at no extra cost.




The least expensive alternative out there, compared to popular choices like wood, aluminium, and fibreglass, is steel. Steel actually costs less per kilogramme than wood. When you want certain designs, the price of wooden doors increases because of the associated carving costs. At Steel Door, you only have to pay one price instead of having to pay separately for the frame, door, and latch. Let's say a particular wooden door costs $50,000. You will have to pay between $30k and $35k for the identical door in steel with the same finish. Steel also has a market value.




Maintenance costs for steel doors are little to nonexistent. They are lighter and simpler to clean. The correct placement of the hinges prevents the door's base from rubbing against the floor, which is a problem with wooden doors because they expand during rainy days and contract during the summer. Additionally, you can always upgrade to a nicer door without spending a lot of money because to steel's high resale value.




Steel is only one component of certain doors. They would have been too hefty for a residential door if they had to be built entirely of steel. Instead, they contain a substance that resembles foam, which is preferable to a hollow wooden door core. This polyurethane substance aids in insulating against the outside temperature. Steel doors are prevented from mixing the air inside your home with the outside by this foam-like polyurethane.




Steel door are no longer solely used as exterior doors outside. Depending on how much you value security, they might be put anywhere. You might believe that steel door lack much in the way of visual appeal, but at Steel door, we can replicate the appearance of a wooden door so that your visitors won't be able to tell the difference between the two. So a steel door has all the same charm as a hardwood door while being significantly lighter and less expensive.




A domestic steel door contains some other material as well. The weight would be too great to carry in that situation. Only the exterior of residential steel door are constructed of stainless steel or galvanised steel, while the interior is composed of a lightweight material. This is done to maintain the light weight of the steel while also gaining the benefit of its durability.


We often insert a steel mesh in a polyurethane foam to increase the reliability of the doors' construction. Cold-rolled sheet is sandwiched between this composite polyurethane-steel mesh on either side, making up the exterior. As an additional layer of defence against external agents like moisture, the final layer is finished with a final coating of PVC film.


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