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Achieving Peace of Mind with Stark Door's

Stark Door is a leading manufacturer of custom, high-end front doors that prioritize security. They understand the importance of ensuring the protection of a home's openings, which is why they have implemented several measures to enhance the security of their doors. Here are some of the key security features of Stark Door's front doors:

  1. Durable Aluminum Extruded Mullions and Astragals: Stark Door uses extruded aluminum for its mullions and astragals, which are the vertical components that separate doors or windows. This material is stronger and more resilient than traditional PVC, providing increased protection against break-ins. Additionally, the high-performance astragals allow double doors to open completely without obstruction, making them easier to operate.

  2. Optional Aluminum Extrusion Covered Frame: Stark Door also offers the option of coating the door frame with extruded aluminum. This material is far stronger and more durable than traditional 26-gauge folded aluminum or PVC frames, providing an added layer of protection against break-ins.

  3. Robust 22-Gauge Steel: To further enhance the security of their doors, Stark Door uses 22-gauge steel, which is a more robust material than traditional steel. This makes the doors more resistant to break-ins and provides an added layer of security.

  4. Multi-Point Handles (Optional): Stark Door also offers the option of adding a multi-point handleset system to their outdoor doors. This system includes two additional anchor points at the top and bottom of the door, serving as two additional deadlocks. The 3-point locking system provides increased protection against break-ins and also helps to improve door airtightness, stability, and prevent warping.

  5. Concealed Steel Security Bars: All Stark Doors come standard with a 12-inch 22-gauge steel security bar that is concealed in the frame at handle level. This bar provides an extra barrier against break-ins and gives homeowners peace of mind.

In conclusion, Stark Door is dedicated to providing homeowners with the highest level of security for their front doors. With the implementation of these security measures, homeowners can feel secure knowing that their homes are protected against break-ins. Whether you are looking for a custom, high-end front door or simply want to upgrade your existing door for increased security, Stark Door has the perfect solution for you.


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