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steel doors

Steel doors and windows are a unique way to get a stunning, personalised aesthetic while also ensuring long-term durability, making your house or workplace an even greater investment.

Adding high-quality steel doors and windows from One Sources to your building envelope has a number of benefits, including:

Durability: One of the most important characteristics of a steel door is its strength, and our thermally-bonded zinc galvanising technique will withstand even the most extreme conditions. Stark Steel Doors is the only company that sells thermally fractured doors with a corrosion-resistant thermally bonded zinc galvanising coating. Our steel doors meet or surpass industry norms and regulations, as well as being the most durable in terms of climate and longevity. Steel doors and windows have been known to withstand three generations with only the glass needing to be replaced.

Steel doors and windows don't have to be boring and uninspiring. We can also personalise your door for a fantastic curb appeal. Steel door solutions from stark doors  complement modern, contemporary, and classic styles while providing space-saving openings and practical functionality, such as French doors, sliding, double, and bi-fold doors. We presently manufacture four steel window product lines, each with its own unique qualities, to make awnings, fixed windows, and French casement options.

Superior Efficiency: In all climates, energy efficiency is critical,All of our product lines provide the highest level of safety and endurance while also adding style to any construction.

Limited Sightlines: No other feature of steel windows and doors is more commonly identified with it than its narrow sightlines. Architects have used this feature in a variety of buildings for hundreds of years, and the gracefulness of steel windows has been adapted into a variety of architectural styles. Ironically, the material's enormous strength is what gives steel windows and doors its minimalist appearance. Steel's aesthetic qualities are unrivalled by aluminium, wood, or vinyl substitutes. Steel windows and doors have a distinct, one-of-a-kind appearance.

Steel windows and doors are far more durable than any other material. They are three times stronger than metal in direct comparison. This advantage allows for the employment of large glass lights, which are frequently used in dramatic openings, while keeping narrow sightlines. Steel window and door hardware will not come loose, and ventilators will not distort or break with age.

Steel windows are rather trouble-free to install, as any building team who has encountered project delays due to racked, inoperable, or otherwise damaged windows can attest. Steel windows, almost without exception, arrive at the project site free of the structural flaws that plague other materials, and they can be installed just as cheaply.

Doors made of wood

The most frequent type of door is wood. Their major suits are versatility and attractiveness. Oak, cherry, walnut, mahogany, maple, fir, and pine are among the natural-finish stock and custom wood doors available. Paint-grade doors are also available in a variety of softwood species, including pine and western hemlock.

Fiberglass-Composite Doors

It is a type of composite door made of fibreglass and plastic.

Fiberglass-composite doors are durable and low-maintenance, making them an excellent choice for harsh or humid environments. They have wood-grain texturing to resemble the look of wood and can be tinted to match oak, cherry, walnut, and a number of other woods. A framework of hardwood stiles and rails, including wood edges for the lockset, lies beneath their moulded surface. Polyurethane-foam insulation is used to fill voids in the framework.

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