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The front door is a preferred point of entry since shattering many doors or door frames involves no more effort than a hard kick or swing of a battering ram. To make the front door more secure against robbery, reinforce it.

The front door must be able to survive a brute force attack such as being kicked in or repeatedly assaulted with a battering ram. Hollow-core wood doors, as well as doors with panels or windows, are less durable than solid-core doors. They make it easier for a thief to break in. Steel doors provide more security.

Steel door vs. Fiberglass Doors

For many homeowners, fibreglass or steel doors are a better option than wood doors. Doors are kicked, slammed, and subjected to considerable temperature variations over time. Some materials are more durable than others, and they last longer. A fibreglass or steel door is likely to alleviate many of these problems. Steel doors, like fibreglass, are more energy efficient than wood doors.


Recommend you that steel doors to homeowners wishing to save money. Steel exterior doors have stiff foam cores and are built of heavy-gauge galvanised steel. Reinforced steel doors are less expensive than wood or fibreglass doors.

Steel doors are a good option for homes since they can't be kicked in or sawed through without a lot of effort, according to the Home Decor Bliss team. In comparison to steel and wood, fibreglass is the weakest of the door materials and the easiest to break into.


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